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Building & Maintenance Services in Barnet, Hertfordshire

General building and maintenance services include all aspects of plastering, laying and fitting platforms; walls and all structures within the home. We outsource for electricians and plumbers so a full service can be provided when building a home.

Extension Work
Home extensions are large projects which require planning. From initial designs to planning applications, supplies to labour costs; each stage of the process is taken care of by the professional team.

Wooden Floors
Types of wooden flooring include solid wood, one piece of wood all the way through from top to bottom, regardless of width or length. It can be bought unfinished without lacquers or oils or pre-finished. Engineered wood flooring, which is considered 'load bearing,' can therefore be fixed directly to existing floor joists in place of traditional pine floor boards.

Plastering and Rendering
The function of plaster is to make the interior walls of your property smooth so that they are easier to clean, free of insect hiding places, and have a better appearance.
Also, if the house is constructed out of wood or bamboo closed up with mud or clay, the plaster acts as a protection against fire. We render on the outside surface of the walls which is essential to protect them from the influence of the weather.

Wood Floors, Building & Maintenance Services in Barnet, Hertfordshire
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