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Bathroom Design & Window Installation in Barnet, Hertfordshire

We will accommodate any bathroom design and window installation with attention-to-detail through measurement and installation; which will ensure the success and aesthetics of your bathroom fitting. The team will do everything from plumbing your water systems and fitting your walls; showers; baths and sinks.

Bathroom, Bathroom Design & Window Installations in Barnet, Hertfordshire

Bathroom Remodeling
The flooring and the walls should be made of such material which is water resistant and easy to clean. The flooring of the bathrooms should be made of materials which have such finishing that it is not slippery during or after use. If carpets or mats are used in the bathroom then carpets or mats should be fitted with rubber at the back so that it does not slip and become hazardous.
The color of the materials chosen for the walls and the flooring should be fresh and soothing as this is the place where a person normally likes to relax. Being the room where people clean themselves, it is also important to ensure the design creates connotations of this.

Window Installation
Window installations offer a wide range of different style options for your double glazed windows. Various combinations of fixed and opening sections ensure the perfect choice for every home. Arched tops and mock sash horn features are also available.

We will install any kind of windows including uPVC which can be used to form a bay in a room; either square or polygonal in shape. The windows are commonly used to provide the illusion of a larger room. They also increase the flow of natural light into a building and provide views of the outside which would be unavailable with an ordinary window.

Because every roof window needs a flashing to ensure safe and effective water drainage, VELUX™ makes it simple to select the right one for your roofing material and window layout. Flashings come in grey aluminium as standard to match the window profile, with the options of copper, titanium zinc and coloured aluminium, so you're sure to find the appropriate type for your roofing material.

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